Marlies Adriaanse

Hoogtij 68, Quartair Den Haag 2022
(foto)papier, plakband, hout

Hoogtij 68, Quartair Den Haag
(photo)paper, glue, wood




Artist statement

As a Sun Queen in my own Versailles
Today, after twenty years, I cancelled my inscription as a visual artist in the Chamber of Commerce.
At the end of the 90's, artists had to work more like entrepreneurs from the Dutch government.
Otherwise they did not see you as a professional artist. 'No more romantic artists on dark and dusty attics!'
You had to learn bookkeeping, networking, make business plans, find buyers, learn how to deal with contracts and taxes, ….
There went all the freedom, the romance, and no more rebellion, if you wanted to survive!

I really got fed up with that, for a while now. After reading about political thinking and sovereignty.
…. I decided; to rule as a sovereign monarch in my own art practice from now on.
And immediately a big sunbeam enlightened my studio and made it look like a garden that needed a lot of work again!

February 2019
part of 'Talk dusty to me'